On two fronts: Is it worth it to combine business creation with work in another company?

  1. Right = difficult Rick Belluso, co-founder of the application development company for musicians Ninebuzz...
  2. It is not easy to combine
  3. Savings will help to wait for profit

Right = difficult

Rick Belluso, co-founder of the application development company for musicians Ninebuzz Software, is sure that the right decision is always the most difficult. He recommends starting a startup in parallel with the main work in order to be able to test the initial hypotheses without unnecessary risk. In addition, the entrepreneur is convinced that limitations and difficulties contribute to the emergence of truly breakthrough ideas - working simultaneously on two fronts is a serious test and the one who can pass it has good chances for success.

Belluzo says that many people are not willing to take risks and work hard, so they invent excuses for their inaction (lack of resources, workload, etc.), do nonsense like inventing project logos and dream of breaking free from office slavery one day.

All you need to create a working business, you have and so - now it is easier than ever before. If you discard all the husks of excuses, it becomes clear that starting a startup does not take much time and money, and you can create a product without expensive equipment. On the contrary, working in a rigid framework is always more efficient.

The co-founder of Ninebuzz Software believes that an entrepreneur who can only motivate himself by losing all his savings after being fired can hardly manage his company effectively if it becomes successful in the future, then the situation will not be so dramatic. Belluso believes that everyone can quit his job - no effort is needed for this. It is much more difficult to develop a product in free hours after the main work in order to prove that the project idea has the right to life, but this approach is correct.

Need to burn bridges

Quora user Hasheesh Shah shared his own experience of creating a project in parallel with the work in the company. According to the entrepreneur, he gradually came to understand that he could not succeed without putting the comfort of his daily life at work.

Having a job gives you a sense of security, you know that you have a rear, there is no fear of defeat. In such conditions it is difficult to force oneself to take big risks, but only this way one can achieve large-scale success.

As an illustration of his thoughts, Shah leads the scene from the Batman movie “The Dark Knight” - a superhero who has fallen into captivity is trying to get out of prison along a sheer wall. He uses insurance, but he cannot cope with the task. Subsequently, he refuses insurance, and this risk allows him to maximize his physical resources and make the necessary jump:

According to Shah, the entrepreneur must realize that he has nowhere to retreat and he cannot afford to fail. Work is insurance that does not allow you to really risk, which means you need to give up on it (after doing market research and preparing for such a bold step).

It is not easy to combine

Another Quora user, Edmund Ti, says that in some cases, combining is impossible because it takes a lot of power.

As an example, he talks about his own attempts at creating a business:

I finish work in the office, go home, play with children. Often after I put them to bed, I feel so tired that I cannot always force myself to work on a startup too.

To deal with this problem, Ti applies technique "Monthly calendar tracking", which uses psychological techniques to switch a person's attention from their own fatigue to the solution of necessary tasks.

Savings will help to wait for profit

Creator of CloudHelix analytical service Avi Friedman noted that when combining work and business, in some cases a conflict of interest may arise - in this case, you need to make a choice and concentrate either on work or on your own business. According to Friedman, in the event that the main work leaves time to work on a startup, and its founder cannot afford to lose revenue for various reasons, there is nothing wrong with combining.

If the work is incompatible with the work on the project, the entrepreneur advises to first save money for six to nine months of life, and then retire and deal exclusively with a startup.

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